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All examples were checked on Centura Team Developer 1.5.1

Last news

Added Examples archive

Added SQLBase C/API load/unload/reorganize utility

Added Create table dialog
ReQuest v. 1.04 released

Added ReQuest application: mini Quest/SQLTalk with MDI

Added Delphi unit with constants, types and functions from sqlwntm.dll

Useful libraries

293Kb, many authors, v.1.08
95Kb, Jцrg Ellinghaus

HTML documents

SQLBase C/API load/unload/reorganize utility
Delphi unit with constants, types and functions from sqlwntm.dll
SQLBase Starter Guide
301 undocumented Sal* and Sql* functions in CTD 1.5 (cdlli15.dll)
System messages
How to use the Trail-Version of CTD 2000
Books about Gupta/Centura products
CTD Runtime Files
SQLWindows Runtime Files
Using TCP/IP winsock connection
Undocumented SAL

My examples

Create table dialog
13Kb, Andrew
ReQuest application (v. 1.04): mini Quest/SQLTalk with MDI
69Kb, Andrew + SALextension.apl
Script execution (full SAL support)
8Kb, Andrew (original function SalExecScript from SALextension.apl), version 1.02
Convert table window to RTF
4Kb, Andrew
Copies a string to the Clipboard as text without size limit
6Kb, Andrew
Single cell selection in a table window
4Kb, Andrew
How to prevent row selecting in a table window
3Kb, Andrew
Translate Menu
3Kb, Andrew
Flat Pushbutton
9Kb, Andrew
Flat toolbar custom control
11Kb, Andrew
How to write DLL (example: save BMP file)
23Kb + winapi32.apl, Andrew
ActiveX using **only** CTD Code
7Kb, Andrew
Flat toolbar (like MS Internet Explorer)
18Kb, Andrew
3Kb, Andrew
Sticking to desktop borders
9Kb, Andrew
Setting Multiline Field margins
4Kb, Andrew
How can only execute your program ONCE every Windows session
3Kb, Andrew
Checking: app already running
3Kb, Andrew
Using WinPopup
4Kb, Andrew
Enable/Disable Toolbar
3Kb, Andrew

Examples from newsgroup forum.sourcecode

SysTray, 3Kb, Entwicklungsges.m.b.H
setpixel, 3Kb, Catalin
2And3StateCb, 3Kb
BackgroundHandle, 2Kb, Christophe Gildas
LHandle, 2Kb
columnTextX2U, 2Kb
datetimedropdown, 3Kb
Appact32, 6Kb
wm_copydata, 6Kb, Christian Astor
details, 3Kb
DrawFrame, 3Kb, Jцrg Ellinghaus
DlgDirList, 3Kb
DlgMenu, 3Kb, Christian Astor
dragdropfiles, 3Kb
OutlineListboxDropFiles, 4Kb, Christian Astor
QuickDragDrop, 3Kb
DynCols, 3Kb
DynDFLen, 3Kb
editablelistbox, 3Kb
LB_Edit, 7Kb, Lubos Kovacik
findwindow, 3Kb
flatbutton, 3Kb, Thomas Wiedmann
genPassword, 3Kb, Jeff Luther
globalmemory, 3Kb, Thomas Wiedmann
Map2Tab, 2Kb
Marquis, 2Kb
ml_txt, 2Kb
MlPos, 3Kb
MouseMoveWindow, 3Kb, Jцrg Ellinghaus
MoveRow, 3Kb, Catalin Enache
odbcmgr, 3Kb, Thomas Wiedmann
protected, 2Kb, Markus EЯmayr
reorg, 1Kb, BAT file
resize1, 3Kb
RowCount, 2Kb
TabsDemo, 3Kb
servdown, 2Kb
shrundlg, 3Kb, Thomas Wiedmann
taskbar_switch_on_off, 3Kb, Thomas Wiedmann
TestGroupClass, 3Kb, Dimitry Goloborodko
topmost, 3Kb
TWsearchCTD, 4Kb, Jeff Luther
WordProp, 3Kb + Automation.apl
axexcel8, 4Kb + Microsoft Excel 8.0 Object Library.apl, Thomas Koller
bkgText, 7Kb
tblw_bitmap_in_corner, 5Kb, Christian Astor
static, 5Kb
animate, 8Kb
cfi, 9Kb, Jцrg Ellinghaus
FileVersionInfo, 6Kb
FileFinder, 5Kb
CloseAcrobat, 5Kb
Dbmaint, 5Kb
dlg, 7Kb
Dlgsize, 4Kb, Twan van Beers
dropdowntest, 7Kb
email, 5Kb, Jцrg Ellinghaus
gcmail, 7Kb
HorizCmb, 5Kb
TaskBar, 7Kb
IP, 5Kb
lv, 5Kb
popupmenu, 6Kb
tablas_menu, 5Kb, Antonio Fernбndez Veloso
rightalignedmenu, 6Kb, Lubos Kovacik
RepWin, 8Kb, Carsten Barner Nielsen
resize, 7Kb, Joachim Meyer
ScrolltextClass, 5Kb, Jцrg Ellinghaus
ScrollingText, 6Kb + winapi32.apl, Ralf Kцhler
fadedemo, 6Kb + winapi32.apl, Jцrg Ellinghaus
ShellExecute, 3Kb
split0, 3Kb
split, 3Kb
TableObjectsFromPoint, 4Kb, Jцrg Ellinghaus
Transparent, 5Kb, Christian Astor
USal, 12Kb, Jцrg Ellinghaus

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