Connect it all ! Setting up your 32 bit LOCAL SQLBase server to accept connection from both SQLWindows (16 bit) and Centura Team Developer (32 bit) by using TCP/IP winsock connection.

This paper describes the step you need to take to make this TCP/IP connection work. A local connection is assumed. The local drive is your server, this example use LOCAL32 as server name.

The included SQL.INI has 3 connections:

Setting up TCP/IP
List of backend components needed
Sample SQL.INI
Connect with SQLTalk16
Connect with SQLTalk32
Testing your 32 bit ODBC connection
Setting up QUEST

Setting up a TCP/IP connection:

If you already have TCP/IP configured you can skip this. If not, here is the guidelines for setting up TCP/IP on a computer with or without network card installed. In Windows Control Panel:

Only Dial Up Adapter and TCP/IP is needed. You can remove any unnecessary network component by pressing the remove bottom.

List of backend components needed:

This files from Windows system directory is also needed:

Sample SQL.INI:

; Local 32 bit DBNT1SV.EXE SQLBase ver. 6.x, set up with:
; a. 32 bit connect from CTD using SQLAPIPE.DLL
; b. 16 bit connect form SW using SQLAPIW.DLL & SQLWSOCK.DLL
; c. 32 bit connect using ODBC

; change this to where you store your .DBS files

; Note the server name, LOCAL32

; make sure this directories exists

; add the .DBS names that you got






; SQLODB32.DLL is only needed while connecting from CTD to ODBC datasources

Ready to connect 16 bit frontend?

Maybe ! Let's start up with SQLTalk (16 bit). Note that a 16 bit application cannot start the 32 bit SQLBase server engine. For any attempt to connect from a 16 bit application: make sure the server is launched in advance. Now try connect to ISLAND. List of Centura componets needed to run SQLTalk16 is:

Ready to connect 32 bit frontend?

Did you succeed with SQLTalk/16 ?, Now disconnect and repeat connect/disconnect with the 32 bit version of SQLTalk. List of Centura componets needed to run SQLTalk32 is:

Testing your 32 bit ODBC connection:

Download a copy of ODBCTEST.ZIP (Compuserve, Centura Forum, library 8 Connectivity), the included file ODBCT32.EXE is a handy toll to try and test your ODBC connection.

ODBCTnn.EXE is also to be found at --> download

Note: This combination, CTD -- > ODBC 32 --> SQLBase 32 is, as writing of this, not certified with CTD.

Setting up QUEST.

If you want QUEST to connect to your 32 bit backend make sure SQLWSOCK.DLL is an upgraded version, the one you got may need a PTF. The one I use is SQLBase 6.01 ptf 9. Newer versions, like the one that ship with SQLBase 6.1.2, should work ok. As I said earlier your local disk is your server in this example. To make QUEST work with this connection you'll have to ADD database like this:


This paper is written by:

Carsten Barner Nielsen
ISS Data A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark


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